The Wizard and the Gold Brick

Once upon a time a legendry house had a gold brick. One day a family wanted to buy it but they could not buy it. The person who owned it was rich. The person who could not buy it was poor. One day a wizard visited the house that had the gold brick. He wanted to buy it. But he could not buy it so he used his spells to get him 999000000000 dollars. So he could buy it. With all the money he could buy everything. He bought a computer and a television and a computer-table and a       kitchen-table and a bed and a sofa and a keyboard and a mouse and twenty chairs and a television-table. One day a robber robbed the wizard computer when he woke up he said who stole my computer. He looked in everyone house he did not see a computer that was his. Then he robbed the robber’s house. He got his computer back and then he lived happily ever after.

About Me

daksh2Namaste (hello) and welcome to my web site. My name is  Daksh Bansal. My brother plays soccer and cricket and I play soccer. I colored crazy donkey. I like mathematics and I can do plus, minus, times table and devide. I go to Torrensville Primary School. Next year I will be in Miss Kerry's Class. One of my friend Abdullah is going in same class. Papa is a scientist and my mom is a chef and a good teacher. She teaches mathematics and spelling. She taught me how to spell "because". Mom promised me a gift if I complete writing of a 1000 words