The Baby Yak


Once upon a time on a farm a baby Yak was born. He wanted milk but the farmer had no milk. So he went to the cow's cage with the baby Yak. The farmer milked one of the cow. The farmer had ten bottles full of milk .There was a fox who was the farmer's bigest probelm. The fox was after the sheep  and the baby yak was after the fox. The fox ran away and farmer's sheeps were safe.

About Me

daksh2Namaste (hello) and welcome to my web site. My name is  Daksh Bansal. My brother plays soccer and cricket and I play soccer. I colored crazy donkey. I like mathematics and I can do plus, minus, times table and devide. I go to Torrensville Primary School. Next year I will be in Miss Kerry's Class. One of my friend Abdullah is going in same class. Papa is a scientist and my mom is a chef and a good teacher. She teaches mathematics and spelling. She taught me how to spell "because". Mom promised me a gift if I complete writing of a 1000 words